Dutch artist Keren de Vreede paints with merely her hands and lives her art. Bright colors, thick paint and bold and daring lines are the characteristics of her paintings. They reflect her passion for life, her positive outlook and her bright personality. A self-taught artist who discovered the desire to paint in her early years. Making a living in the fashion industry, she filled her soul with the paintings she worked on at night. Having used all kind of materials in the past, she prefers acrylic paint to express her creativity and achieve the result she is looking for. Instead of using the traditional easel, she positions her canvas on the floor.

Keren de Vreede is fascinated by modern art and was inspired by many great artists. Over the years, color became her most important means of expression. Several paintings are on display at her own Art Gallery in Amsterdam. Her work has also been exposed at various art fairs and galleries around the world, and is sold to collectors as well as private buyers. Any painting by Keren de Vreede is unique and impossible to replicate, even by the artist herself, Owning one of her paintings, is owning a one of a kind work of art.